Escape rooms require a great deal of collaboration and are a nice change of pace.

Groups of 4-8 will work together in a private room to solve problems, uncover clues, and crack codes in order to progress as a team. Teamwork is critical to succeeding! Games are challenging and very mentally stimulating, but don’t require physical exertion. Each room has a theme, so the atmosphere is fun and full of thrills – unlike traditional team building activities. Plus, it only takes one hour to complete.

Escape games are exciting, intellectual, and unique – but more importantly, the most memorable work event you will ever attend!

Our Escape Rooms Adventures are listed below with the number of recommended people per room.

Escape rooms available for up to 46 People

  • Pirate Ship (8-10)
  • Escape the Subway (8-10)
  • Area 51 - Sector (8-10)
  • Cyber Case (4-6)
  • Zombie Underground 18+ Ages Only! (8-10)

Transportation has been setup to and from the Escape Room will be via Jolley Trolley.

There will be a 6:30pm trolley to transport the 7pm registrants and a 7:30pm trolley for the 8pm registrants.

*** If you have trouble accessing the link above, your facility could be blocking the URL.  You may need to book your session from your home computer or mobile device.